Editorial Board

Pi Math Contest is prepared by an exam committee with members among AlphaStar Academy and its alumnis in top colleges like MIT, Harvard and high school students with awards in National/International math competitions.

Editorial Board Members:

Dr. Ali Gurel

Mehmet Kaysi

Andrew Lin

Cory Hixson

Justin Stevens

Richard Spence

AlphaStar Math Development Team (group of expert students and alumni of AlphaStar Academy who participated and got excellent results in Math competitions and olympiads)

  • Aaron Chen

  • Adam Tang

  • Aditya Chandrasekhar

  • Alex Gu

  • Andrew Chang

  • Catherine Li

  • Ethan Lee

  • George Cao

  • Henry Wang

  • Jason Mao

  • Linus Tang

  • Olivia Xu

  • Raina Wu

  • Rohan Das

  • Sanya Badhe

  • Sasidhar Kunapuli

  • Sejal Rathi

  • Steven Pan

  • Will Wang

  • William Zhao