PiMC Fermat

PI Math Contest – Fermat is a math contest for middle school students (6th - 8th grades). It will be offered online to individuals. Top scoring individuals will get awards.

The test will be taken online through PiMC Learning Management System (LMS). Each contestant will receive an online account.

It will be an individual test with 25 multiple-choice questions. The choices are two-digit numbers (00, 01, 02, …, 99). The time limit is 40 minutes.

Students will receive 10 points for each correct answer, 1 point for each unanswered question, and 0 points for each wrong answer.

Topics include but not limited to

  • Algebra (Order of operations, fractions, word problems)
  • Counting (sets etc.)
  • Geometry (angles, length, area, etc.)
  • Number Theory (prime numbers, factors, gcd, lcm, etc.)

Awards will be based on individual scores.

The contest window is April 7 – April 11, 2023.